Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day Papa :)


Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

It's 1.39 am right now and I'm still updating my blog. Am I an owl? Hihi. -_-

I thought I would like to update something 'special' for me since hati tenang je layan zikrullah di YouTube. Suara mereka, subhanallah sangat awesome.  Hmm, anyway I love writing so I will write everything here. It's all about my stories. I don't ask people to like it but I really appreciate to those who enjoy my writing and I know sometimes it's quite boring. Lalala~ =P Hope some of my entries can give some good message to others. Harap-haraplah ye. Mungkin boleh jadi saham akhirat nanti. Insyaa Allah.

What am I going to talk about for this entry? Haha. Hmm actually, I just wanna to wish Happy Father's Day to my only hero, soul, heart, love and so on and he is my papa. <3

Dear Papa With Love,

Some things will always be in style. Good solid things like honesty, trust and caring about people. It's qualities like these that keep us aware of who we are and what we can give to life. It's qualities like these, Papa, that you've taught me to value through your influence, your example and your love. It has mad me love you very much and has made me very proud to have you as my papa.

In the future, I may love a man a lot, and someday I will marry him. He'll take your responsibility to taking care of me. But, in the end I'll remind you that no matter what happens, I'll love you and you'll always be the best man I know. I promise you that I'll always be your great daughter. In shaa Allah.

I love you papa. Moga Allah jaga papa, lindung papa dunia dan akhirat. 

Terima kasih besarkan kami sehingga hari ini. Allah akan balas semuanya.
Kami tak mampu nak balas semua jasa papa sebab tak ternilai dengan apa yang papa berikan. 
Terima kasih atas segalanya. :')

"Our Lord ! Forgive me and my parents and (all) the believers on the Day and the reckoning will be established." [Surah Ibrahim 14:41]

My papa and my lil brother ^_^

**Rasa nak terbang balik Johor saat dan ketika ini juga. Haha. Tak pe, seminggu lebih je lagi. ^_^

Qusyaimah Rosman

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